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Welcome to our Backstage Pass Rewards Program! With this rewards program you will be able to earn points, which then move you up the ladder of passes, After Show Pass, VIP Pass, and the coveted AAA/Access All Areas being the top tier!  And guess what? It is not hard at all to get to that first tier! Here are the details on points and how to earn them.

The Passes:

After Show Pass - $5 off your purchase when you hit 1000 points

VIP Pass - $10 off at 5000 points

AAA/All Access - choose from cool, exclusive, and one of a kind swag when you reach 20,000 points 

Ways to earn:

Follow us on Instagram 100 pts

Share our posts on Facebook 100 pts

Create an account/sign up for the newsletter (no spam, we promise) 200 pts

Leave us a review at our website, Google, Facebook - 500 pts

Place an order & receive 5 pts for every $1 spent

Please keep in mind that as you redeem your points they will be deducted from your account, so you can choose to spend as you earn or save up - your call! Have more questions? Email us at