🌸It's a Dan Weekend!🌸

🌸It's a Dan Weekend!🌸

Currently Playing at Evoke Candle Co: Home at Last by Steely Dan

It's no secret that one of my favourite bands is Steely Dan - and I've been trying to make #feelthedan2020 happen for the last year over on Twitter, ha ha!

When I was planning our Spring 2020 collection my daughter's boyfriend suggested we do "Aja" so of course I jumped at that - Thank you Matt!

We've done a very small amount of these Aja travel tin candles, featuring the same artwork and amazing cherry blossom scent as our full size Aja Candle.

Here is where you come in: we've got a contest going on our social media channels right now - we've got 5 of these travel tins up for grabs .  You just need to comment and tell me what 1 of my favourite 5 Steely Dan songs is . The first 5 correct answers will win - so head over there now to enter if you haven't already.  PS: you don't need to name all 5 songs, just 1 :)

We've also set aside 30 candles to give away just for leaving us a review if you have purchased or received any of our candles.  If you've got 5 to 10 minutes to spare, please head over to our website to leave a review  or at Google Reviews (just Google "Evoke Candle Co" and it should show up.

As soon as you've done that send us an email to hello@evokecandle co - let us know where you left a review, for which candle and  your address.  We will ship out your Aja travel candle ASAP.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and remember to #feelthedan2020

Gina :)


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