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From punk rock shows in small Los Angeles clubs to three-day metal festivals in German villages to the reunion tours of ‘90s pop superstars, I’ve saved the ticket stubs for nearly every concert I’ve ever attended. Looking through the box is a great way to bring back memories of my favorite songs and how I felt when I first heard them. Musical memories are more than catchy choruses or awesome guitar solos, though—they’re  the smell of the ocean as your favorite tunes piped through the radio on vacation, the taste of cold beer as your rock-and-roll icons take the stage. 

At Evoke Candle Co. we believe our signature blend of unique fragrances and rockin’ designs will take you back to the songs you love, the bands you worshiped, and the memories you made (bonus: you can feel the groove from the comfort of your own home!)


Music has always been a huge part of my life, from listening to Donny Osmond in my childhood bedroom to convincing my parents to let me see rock bands like KISS and Rush as a young teen in Texas. My husband Nigel plays the drums for the band Saxon, so I spend a lot of my free time traveling to gigs and hanging backstage. I spent more than two decades working in the home and beauty industries, so I love to make sure our house is cozy, relaxed, and smelling good—I’m a self-proclaimed candle expert!


Evoke Candle Co.  is the ultimate small business—it’s me, a few trusted friends and relatives, and our Official Office Dog, Primrose! She’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who loves to go for long walks on the beach, steal bites of ice cream and blueberries, and sit faithfully by my feet as I work on Evoke’s next collection.