🎶Candle of the Week🎶

🎶Candle of the Week🎶

Currently Playing at Evoke Candle Co: Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac

"Rock on gold dust woman
Take your silver spoon
Dig your grave"

Honestly - have you ever heard such a brilliant opening line to a song?  It sticks with you and really sets the mood for the song.

It's no wonder that Gold Dust Woman, written by Stevie Nicks, off the Rumours by Fleetwood Mac album, was the inspiration behind our little company.  I was listening to it  and had the thought "What would this smell like if it was candle ?"...and instantly spice, witchy, hippy, & mysterious sprung to mind -   a scent that lingers and haunts you long after the song is over.

Gold Dust Woman is our best selling candle and it's our Candle of the Week this week. You can save 15% off automatically when you purchase from today through Sunday, 13th July. 

Stock is low.  Once it's gone it is gone - so now is the time to order if you haven't or stock up if you have and love it as much as we do.
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