🕯 Candle of the Week 🕯

🕯 Candle of the Week 🕯

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Hello Friends!

How is everyone doing out there?  Staying safe?  

This week's Candle of the Week is our fabulous I'm With the Band candle, inspired by the delightful Pamela Des Barres and her book of the same name.

Miss Pamela is probably THE most famous groupie of our day, but she's so much more. Author, Muse, Artist, Musician, Actress.

Our candle is reminiscent of Shalimar, Miss Pamela's signature scent from back in the day.  It has a 100% natural soy wax, 2 lead free cotton wicks and a delicate sprinkling of glitter.

This week, through Sunday, 19th July, you can save 15% when you purchase I'm With the Band.  And you can receive a free rose gold wick trimmer or candle snuffer (we will chose for you!).

We will be back later this week with a very special sale - details soon!

Rock On!
Team Evoke

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