🥁Heavy Metal Drummer 🥁

🥁Heavy Metal Drummer 🥁

Currently Playing at Evoke Candle Co: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot CD by Wilco

How is everyone doing out there? 

Like all of you, COVID19 has disrupted our lives and we are trying to establish a new "normal"..some days we are better than others but we are getting by and hope the same for all of you!

We've raised over $1000 for Same You, the charity founded by GOT star Emilia Clarke, to help aid in the rehabilitation of those who've suffered brain injuries.

We are down to our last 25 Heavy Metal Drummer t shirts (various sizes)  and 40 candles, inspired by Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler ( a brain aneurysm survivor)  and the song by Wilco. 

100% of the proceeds are donated to Same You, and charities need your help more than ever, as donations tend to slow down in times of economic uncertainty.  That's why we created these shirts and candles - it's a way for you to get something cool and a worthy charity to get some $$$.

If you've been holding off on purchasing these - DON'T!   Limited to only 144 pcs, once these are gone they are gone and won't be back.


Thank you all for the support!


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