Holy S**t!! 💩💩

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Hello Friends!
We hope you are all still keeping safe, staying home - and if you are an essential worker: THANK YOU!!
In my old life as a salesperson in the professional beauty industry, we would, on occasion offer our customers something my boss liked to call a "Holy S**t Deal" - because it was so good you went "Holy S**t, that's a great deal!" 
Our Summer Tour 2020 collection has been delayed, due to so many businesses being closed at the moment, but we still need to make a bit of room in the warehouse - that's where our deal comes in.
Our Fall Tour 2019 collection of Raspberry Beret, Paint it Black, and Gold Dust Woman are on offer at a whooping 40% off , through Tuesday, 21st April.  Regular price $36.00USD - now only $21.60USD - Holy S**t!
All our candles are limited edition - once they are gone, they are gone.  So now is the time to stock up on these - maybe even purchase as future gifts, or try them out if you haven't already.
We offer free shipping on all orders over $50.00 through the end of April - and we've got Klarna so you can spread your payment out.
As always, thank you for the support and ROCK ON!
Evoke Candle Co
PS: please feel free to share with your friends - you can earn 500 points in our Backstage Pass Rewards Program for every friend you refer who makes a purchase!

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